Connecticut Structures and Chambers
Preston, CT, Grist Mill Site

This section features 52 sites.

I had read an article that stated there are 62 stone chambers located in Connecticut.

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Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Acton Chamber, located in Massachusetts

There are 15 sites explored in this section.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island both have ancient stone structures and chambers, some elusive and some not so much, if you do a little research.

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New Hampshire and Vermont Sites
Putney, VT, large Beehive Chamber

Nine ancient sites are discussed below.

These two States at the heart of New England have so much to offer with their mountain ranges and lush river valleys.

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New York Stone Chambers
Indigenous Winter Solstice Chamber at Dr. Tom Morgan Conservation Trail. April 2022

This section shows 44 stone chambers in Upstate New York.

New York State has a lot of stone chambers to see. The Hudson River Valley was heavily occupied and traveled by indigenous peoples over the centuries.

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Ceremonial Stone Landscapes
Native American Medicine Wheel and Bear Head Dolman in background. October 2020

I highlight ten ceremonial stone landscapes below. In my many years of adventuring in the great outdoors of New England as well as other states, Canada and Great Britain I have come across and recognized hundreds of Ceremonial Stone Landscapes (CSLs).

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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

John Muir

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Not all stone structures mentioned on this site are accessible to the public. In the instance that a structure mentioned is not open to the public, the author of this blog was given permission by the landowners to visit.